Encore Dance Academy

Studio Policies


Class Policy:

All classes begin and end on time. Dancers should be prompt to allow for proper warm-up and conditioning. For student safety, anyone arriving later than 15 minutes for the class may not be permitted to participate. Please help your student arrive on time for class and pick them up promptly after class. To maintain shoe and dance floor integrity, dance shoes should be worn indoors only. Please do not wear dance shoes in the parking lot or outdoors. No black rubber soles allowed in the studio. No chewing gum allowed in class due to a risk of choking.

Class Dress Code:

All Classes—No baggy clothing permitted. Baggy clothes may impact proper body alignment, inhibit breathing, and cause the body to overheat. If needed, students may wear leg-warmers and dance sweaters for warmth. Hair must be secured away from the face and neck for all classes.
No dangling earrings, necklaces, or bracelets are permitted. Removal of all jewelry is strongly recommended.
Facial piercing must be removed ~ clear spacers are allowed.

Class Placement:

Classes are arranged according to age and ability. Students may be transferred to other classes if the instructor finds it is necessary and in the best interest of the student. Please do not request class changes so that students can be with friends, etc. We do our best to keep our dance classes at similar technique levels. Many factors are considered when determining placement of a student. Students advance based upon ability, attitude, previous performances, consistency in work, attendance, musicality, physical and emotional readiness.


Proper respect for the Director/instructors, staff, studio, curriculum, fellow students, and facility is EXPECTED of all students, parents, siblings/family members and guests, on or off-site. When participating in studio events, performances, out-of-town excursions, or when wearing the studio logo, a general pleasant demeanor and behavior is as important as your ability to dance.

Make up classes:

Absences prevent students from learning necessary information/skills to keep pace with the entire class. If it is necessary to miss a class, we ask that you call to inform studio personnel of the date and reason for absence. Frequent absences will interfere with the student's natural progression to the next level of development. Students are expected to attend all choreography practices. If classes are missed, the Studio Director may require additional private lessons to prevent the student from falling behind in recital routines. These additional classes are at parent expense.

Parent Responsibilities:

We encourage parents to be active in their child's dance education. If you have a question, we ask that you please discuss it with the Director or the class instructor at an appropriate time. Our staff is very busy and have scheduled classes without breaks. To best meet your needs and to ensure the quality of each class, please leave a message with the office staff of your desire to meet with the instructor or to discuss any questions. We strive to have full communication with parents and students about what is happening at the studio. We do care and want to address your concerns.
At different times throughout the year, and especially at recital time, we will be asking for parent volunteers. Please consider how you can help at recital time. We will sign up ‘Back-stage Mommy’ volunteers (2+ per class for each recital showcase) in the spring. More details will follow.

Holidays and Closings:

Encore Dance Academy follows the Ankeny Public School System for major holiday breaks, i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Year, Easter, and Memorial Day, Spring Break. Weather closures: Encore Dance Academy will follow the Ankeny Public School System for weather closings. When in doubt, call the studio or take a look at the News page of the website.

Important Notes:

• No gum, food, drinks or smoking is permitted in the dance studio. Food/drink is only allowed in the studio lounge (WATER ONLY). Please keep this area clean and orderly.
• The studio reserves the right to cancel/combine a class due to low enrollment.
• Students must be 3 years old and toilet trained by the time they register. 
• Absences: We do not pro-rate/reduce or refund tuition for missed classes due to illness, absence, or withdrawal.
• After January 1st, any student that misses class time may be required to have a private lesson to participate in the Showcase Recital. This will be an additional cost to parents.
• All accounts must be paid, and current to date, before recital costumes are released.
• Any outstanding balances on a student account on June 1st may result in the forfeiture of the student to perform in the recital.
• Any account not paid in full before May 31st must be paid with cash or cashier’s check ONLY in order to participate in the showcase recital, and must be paid before dress rehearsal.
• Students enrolled in Pre Hip Hop must also be enrolled in Tap/Ballet to order to educate the fundamentals of dance. (exception: boys)
• For personal safety, all students should remain inside the building while waiting for transportation. All dancers coming to and going from the studio should wear a cover-up. This is for the protection of our dancers! Students should be picked up immediately after class.
• Please do not leave children unattended at the studio. If your child is in class you may leave and return for pick-up. Siblings and friends (not in the class) may not remain at the studio without an adult.
• The studio reserves the right to dismiss a student for inappropriate behavior.
• We expect our Encore Dance Academy students, parents, siblings/family members, and guests to show respect, kindness, and support to the Academy students at all times. In addition, this same respect, kindness and support should be shown to all other studios and dancers