Encore Dance Academy

Meet Encore's Faculty

Our Staff is truly what makes Encore your child's 'home away from home' - we have a LOVING staff that makes sure your child gets the needed attention in each and every class they attend.  They are highly trained and take dance education very seriously. 
All of our staff have remarkable personal training as former dancers, as well as continual education as instructors & educators now. 
Take the time to meet each member of our staff - you will see why Encore creates an environment where success and confidence grow!

Whether you are dancing for fun, for socialization, for exercise, or to become competitive within the dance industry,
Encore has a place and educational program for you!

Here's what parents & students have said about the Encore Staff....

"Ok, so I got a little misty-eyed while reading your policy about "We don't play favorites".  What a great attitude - thank you" 
-- D.E. Encore Dance Mom

"Again thank you for all the hard work and dedication you have put into my daugher and all of the other dancers."
-- M.B. Encore Dance Mom

Thanks for a great first year of dance!!! I look forward to many more years at Encore! Im excited to get the DVD I ordered and watch it again and again. :-)
--A.B. Encore Dance Mom

Thank you so much for being a wonderful leader and role model! You are one very GIFTED women and I love that. I can not thank you enough for the guidance, talent and creativity you show the dancers.  You allow them to express themselves and be who they truly are.
--H.V.H Encore Dance Mom

Once again Miss Evie... I dont have enough vocabulary to accurately descride how awesome and amazing you are!  I am soooooooo thankful that you are in my daughter's life!
-- H.N Encore Dance Mom

I feel honored to have my daughter be a part of an amazing dance studio! The young women and men at Encore are so lucky to have you!
--J.S Encore Dance Mom

It means alot to me as a dad to have people that give your kids a chance to succeed and be challenged with things. I love my daughter very much and I am grateful to you and your mom and your staff for everything you do.
--M.P Encore Dance Dad

Miss Evie McPherson
Miss Evie began her initial dance training at the age of 3, and believes dance is a life-long learning experience that can be enjoyed by students of all ages from 1 to 100! Certified through Dance Educators of America (D.E.A) to teach the performing arts, Miss Evie has over 30 years of dance training, performing and teaching experience.  As the Owner/Creative Director of Encore, Miss Evie continues developing her own personal skills and maintaining current education in the most up-to-date dance moves and trends by attending multiple dance conferences/workshops/seminars each year throughout the United States to better serve the dancers at Encore and to maintain qualified and updated training for herself, her teaching staff and assistants!!  Her expertise in teaching dance is recognized both regionally and nationally.  Miss Evie has lead her Competition Team to many Regional and National Titles in the highest Elite Level of Competition.  She, personally, has received numerous choreography awards for her artist music and movement interpretations.  And although awards are nice, the greatest accomplishment her dancers achieve under her guidance is understanding how to set personal goals in ability/character, and learning how to achieve those goals, how not to become discouraged and quit, how to treat other people, what team work and loyalty is all about, and how to be kind and loving.  When arriving at Encore, she comes in with her bubbles, sunshine and sparkles from head to toe!  The small kiddos LOVE getting special stickers and glitter spray from her during class for those high knee marches and great diva walks!  Miss Evie leads her studio each year to find groups or individuals in Ankeny and Des Moines lacking food and/or special services, and guides her dance families to fill those needs in their community by sponsoring local charitable events and service organizations.  The Food Bank of Iowa, Blank Children's Hospital, The Dancers Care Foundation (Cancer Research), Local Blood Drives, Make A Wish Foundation, and Iowa's Domestic Abuse Center for Women and Children are yearly recipients of this Encore generosity.  Miss Evie and Encore Dance Academy donates thousands of dollars in cash, food, clothing, personal items and Christmas gifts and many hours each year helping others.  She believes in being a 'positive' in today's world and making a significant difference in the youth and leaders of tomorrow by helping them set personal goals and working towards those goals.  She offers a loving, safe environment where dancers of all levels can succeed and have a blast.  Miss Evie is extremely excited to share her life, her ability, her enthusiasm, her creativity, and her love of dance with everyone at Encore Dance Academy.



Gymnastics was the main focus for Mrs. Hannah as a young competitor.  She later developed sports skills and then added 'performing arts' to her activities.  She found her true calling while at Southeast Missouri State University collegiate performer, where her personal skill matured and she developed the desire to teach dance and tumbling with an emphasis on theater performance. She has taught dance and developed techniques to communicate with children and dancers of all ages- inspiring them, challenging them, loving them, and bringing them to new levels of dance.  During her time teaching with Encore, Mrs. Hannah has developed musical theater dances that have placed National Top 10 Elite Level.  Her choreography and entertainment quality of dance has been recognized by competition judges both regionally and nationally.  "I've been blessed with great friends and staff here that have created a working environment at Encore that is so much fun!  Being part of an organization like Encore, where children are recognized with numerous Leadership and Sportsmanship Awards is all MY pleasure!"

Miss Lindsay
As a little 8 year old starting her dance life in the Des Moines area, Miss Lindsay knew from the very beginning that dance would become a driving force in her personal and professional life, as she enjoyed the stage and performing from the moment she first danced in class. Miss Lindsay is currently a Dance Teacher/Coach for East High School while attending Grand View University as a full-time student, working to complete her degree in Elementary Education which is no surprise as she LOVES working with children. "Dance is my LIFE", says Miss Lindsay and she feels the stress of today's busy world simply disappear when she puts on her dancing shoes.  She considers it a personal success whenever she can see the 'lightbulb turn on' in a student's eyes, and she loves celebrating with her students when they achieve that 'hard, worked for' task.  Miss Lindsay knows there is a place for every level of dance student who enjoys dancing and wants to learn.  She loves her job, and cant wait to help Encore kids grow as dancers and as people!  This excellent teacher is a perfect fit for Encore Dance!!!

Mrs Kelsey
We are SO pleased we were able to 'scoop' her up to become part of our Encore Staffing Team! She started dancing at the age of four and has never stopped!  She danced recreationally and competitively through high school, spending many summers competing in numerous talent shows and dancing in the Bill Riley Talent Show.  Mrs. Kelsey stayed active in dance at Iowa State University while completing her Bachelor's Degree in Food Science.  She recently finished her Master's Degree from Kansas State.  Before coming to teach at Encore, Mrs. Kelsey taught for a studio in Wisconsin where she helped start the 'In Motion' Competition Team and choreographed dance pieces for both recreation and Competition Team dancers.  Her favorite part of teaching is seeing a dancer's face after working hard to develop a new skill!  She is looking forward to many wonderful 'I GOT IT' moments at Encore!  She also makes WONDERFUL and yummy cookies! ;-)

Miss Jenna (bio coming soon)

Ms. Marcia
Ms. Marcia is our front office guru!  She's also Miss Evie's mom!!! We especially love and appreciate her! Her chosen career of Registered Nurse has helped her to develop a 'keen eye' and attention to detail along with business management skills and the abiltiy to juggle many studio events in a timely fashion.  Having a nurse on duty during most of our studio hours is a plus for our dancers and their families.  Ms. Marcia loves working in the administrative part of Encore.... leaving the creative dance aspect to the expert teachers in the classrooms. She also wears many 'non-office' hats: plumber/plunger, band-aid supplier, retail inventory, carpet shampoo attendant, smoothie maker, cheerleader, event planner and 'guest audience' when a teacher wants to show someone a fun dance!  Ms. Marcia's love for children is evident in the gentle way she greets the little ones who come to her office just to say "HI, MS MARCIA!!!!!' or give her a big hug! 
Please feel free to ask Ms. Marcia about your account statements and costume questions (she is a pro!).  She is a Dance Mom Genius!  



We have a superior studio to help keep our students safe, comfortable, and offers a place where everyone can succeed!  

Dancers have full access to a dancer-only lockeroom and WiFi internet access during dance breaks.  A spacious and comfortable lobby for parents & family members to wait for their dancer to finish class is also provided.
You can walk down our "Memory Hall" under the dance shoes of previous graduated senior dancers -
their memory and dance steps live with us forever! 
Over 7,500 square feet and four dance studio rooms provide dancers of every level a place to safely and comfortably learn.  
Encore has industry standard floated dance floors with a Marley covering for safe instruction. 
Come take a look at our studio - we are excited to have grown and hope you will become a part of our Encore family!



We have a 7,500 sq ft, state of the art dance studio, with floating Marley floors for the safety of our dancers.
All staff members participate in yearly on-going dance education, so that we can bring you the most current and trendy dance moves and curriculum!
We create a positive environment where each student is treated as an individual dancer and not "a name in the class".
Our dress rehearsal, recital showcase and dance classes are run quickly, smoothly and well organized so that each dancer feels safe and calm while showcasing their talent.
Limited class size and small student to teacher ratio!
Most of all, our studio is about having fun while we learn.  At the end of the day, this is what is most important!


Encore Dance Academy
641 S. Ankeny Blvd, Ankeny, IA 50023
Near Benchwarmers
(515) 974-4074